Episode 25: Behold! The City

The Antidote
Episode 25: Behold! The City


Liam Flagg took the co-pilot set on The Antidote this week. Liam calls Fort Erie home and while attending Ridgeway Crystal Beach high school he gained a wealth of radio experience while being a DJ at the school radio station, “The Beach”. He was a great help during the show. Listen up to the talk he and I had at the half-way point of the show.

OK, back to the music, let’s talk about this weeks show. New songs and new artists was the theme for show number 25 of The Antidote. We covered the gamut from indie folk to the progressive metalcore of Behold! The City. A new band who hail from the great city of the north, Barrie, Ontario. Listen to the two part interview I had with the band.

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