Episode 46: Year 2!

CC BY 2.0 Emmanuel Huybrechts
CC BY 2.0 Emmanuel Huybrechts

The Antidote has had a birthday! Yes, this the second year of The Antidote where we play “Christian music that doesn’t suck”, dispelling the myth that Christian music is second-rate. The Antidote endeavours to display the artistry of Christian musicians. Followers of this site are well aware that I spent most of my free time and holidays this summer attending Christian music festivals such as Cornerstone and SoulFest. I was also able to visit a number of clubs where Christian bands performed.

The first show of the fall season is a celebration of the diversity of Christian rock. Once again we cover the breadth of styles that The Antidote is noted for airing. Punk, hardcore, ambient rock, alternative rock, and shoegaze are all included. Listen up and enjoy the mix!

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