Calgary and GMA Canada Week, Covenant Awards: Day 1

A long (for me) 4 hour Westjet flight dropped me into sunshine and plus 9 temperatures in Calgary. This week is the GMA (Gospel Music Association, Canada) Week with the annual Covenant Awards taking place on Friday. It was great to be invited to attend this years event. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet Christian artists, radio staff and people from the Canadian music industry.

Tonight included a traditional worship concert led by various artists attending this weeks events. Guitarists Jacob Moon, Chris Bray and Dan Brennes (along with a young lady whose name I have completely forgotten), plus Mike Schuster on percussion, shared their abilities leading worship. Tough job as the audience called out worship tunes to the performers.

A great night, very low-key, relaxing, inspiring and refreshing. Attendees and musicians had the opportunity to share testimonies, scripture, words of encouragement, and prayer.

Wednesday is an early and full day with seminars for musicians to improve their skills as lyricists, stage presence and instrument skills.

Tomorrow night will include FIVE showcases held at various locales in the city. A number of bands will be performing at each location. It’s going to be a difficult choice to choose which one of these I will be attending.

I’ll update what’s happening in the world of GMA Week tomorrow night.

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