The Perpetual Winter Conspiracy

Through un-named sources, it has come to the attention of The Antidote that hard rock and metal bands are conspiring together to alter Earth’s weather patterns. The proliferation of musicians who have joined forces to have sweaters produced should be a concern of all people. Not content to simply sell t-shirts, these conspirators have endeavoured to change global temperatures to generate increased demand for this higher-priced clothing.

Musicians contacted by The Antidote have denied any culpability. Our superior intellect has seen through their fabrications to garner the truth.

It’s time for all righteous citizens of this planet to say “NO” to these trouble-makers! These evil beings are intent only on fattening their wallets. By not purchasing these garments, we can negate changes to our climate and enjoy our long-anticipated global warming.

Example of the evil garments
Example of the evil garments

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