Top 10 Best Live Bands

Here are The Antidote’s picks for the top 10 live Christian bands.

  1. RED – Hard rock band. Twin brothers Anthony and Randy Armstrong are tremendous on lead and bass guitars respectively. Lead vocals by Michael Barnes. As a whole, RED provides a very dramatic live show.
  2. Disciple – This band’s songs are often heard at professional sporting events such as NFL and WWE events. Performance of “Scars Remain”.
  3. Randy Stonehill – ’80s balladeer, regularly provided social commentary in his songs. Stonehill is still performing today. His signature song, “Turning 30”, could now be retitled “Turning 60”.
  4. Robin Mark – Yes, I know its worship music. Robin Mark can make an audience of thousands feel like they are in an intimate gathering. A truly great worship leader.
  5. Article One – This band’s CDs give no indication about the quality of their live performances. Violin, drums, piano, guitars and vocals executed flawlessly and energetically.
  6. Family Force 5 – Energy explodes from this FF5. Who can ignore their 800 pound drum machine?
  7. Showbread – Performing “Mouth Like a Magazine”. Showbread has changed in musical styles in every album, but it always seems to work.
  8. Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart – Early ’80’s powerhouse band. Mylon was famous for having his beginnings playing Christian music, going into the secular market, having difficulties in his life and then returning to Christian rock. Check out the BIG hair.
  9. Flatfoot 56 – Bagpipes, mandolin, electric guitars, drums and a vocal crowd, could there be a better version of “Amazing Grace”?
  10. newboys – Perfectly synced band. Professionalism shows through with over 25 years live performances. Duncan and Peter on the revolving drum kit is a sight to behold.

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