Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk at Millbrook, ON

Clear skies and swarms of late summer killer mosquitoes greeted music fans as they gathered to see a backyard performance by Handsome and Gretyl of Nashville and Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk from Calgary. Both indie/folk bands were very kind to come and play at our home in Millbrook, ON.

Pre-concert festivities included Nerf football and our pastor, Aaron, deciding that the fastest way out of our house was through our patio door screen.  Aaron was unscathed but the patio door screen didn’t fair as well.

Handsome and Gretyl started the evening playing songs from their new EP Hold On Tight Love.  The band’s music carried over the streets with Gretyl’s beautiful clear voice. Both Gretyl and her husband, Brett handled guitars.

Darkness fell and the mosquitoes disappeared as Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk stepped onto the stage (or I should say grass). Handsome and Gretyl accompanied Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk to give a full sound to the band. Zoltan showed his talents by playing tambourine, keyboards, xylophone and melodica. Brett picked up the guitar sticks, Gretyl on guitar, while Lauren gave us her vocal and keyboard talents.

A great fun night. Hopefully we will be able to do something similar in the future.

If you didn’t have a chance to visit Millbrook, check out both bands tour schedule here.

Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk performing
“Stow Me Away”. Please excuse the video quality but at least the audio is OK.

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