Manic Drive at Wonder Jam 2011

My apologies for not having this concert review out earlier, but holidays do take precedence. Keep tuned for reviews on all of the bands from 2011’s Wonder Jam.

I had long anticipated seeing Manic Drive perform live. I love both their current CD, Blue, and their previous release Reason For Motion. Twice the band had bowed out of shows I was attending. I didn’t realize how difficult it might be to see this band from Mississauga. Standing in line to enter the Kingswood Theatre at Wonderland, I asked some fans if Manic Drive was going to show. They assured me that it was going to happen.

The show was 40 minutes late starting. An announcement comes over the speakers that Manic Drive will not be able to make Wonder Jam. W-H-A-T?!?! Turns out it was a gag (sort of).

The sound of a helicopter is heard as the band runs onto the stage wearing parachutes. Manic Drive jumps into ‘Music” the first track on Blue, then followed with the radio hit, “Walls”. Third song was an untitled track from their new CD, Epic, due to be released this September. …and that was it. No rendition of “Blue”, no older tracks such as “Nebulous”, off the stage and time for the next band. The curse of being an opening band is if there is a scheduling or time problem, the opening band takes the hit by having their set cut short. Too bad, but a fact of being in the music biz.

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