Parachute Band at C4 Church

Hydro1 worked through the night to restore electricity to Millbrook.  The  wind storm on Thursday knocked down at least 30 very large trees in the village. Many trees fell on power lines. All of the roads have been reopened, but the best thing is that we have heat back on in the house!

I had the opportunity to see Parachute Band of New Zealand play at Carruthers Creek Community Church in Ajax, a couple of weeks ago. Parachute Band is well know for being the resident worship band at the Parachute music festival, held each January in Hamilton, New Zealand. This dynamic live band, gives an energetic indie-rock slant to worship. The band provided a full 13 song set featuring songs from their current release “Love Beyond Measure” and from their previous albums, Roadmaps and Revelations and Technicolor.

Prime part of the evening was the testimony given by lead vocalist, Omega Levine. He recounted how a facial deformity from birth had caused him grief by the gibes of classmates. Re-constructive facial surgery did little to reduce the taunts. Even with the support of his Christian parents, Levine felt driven to suicide. Finally he gave his sorrow to the Lord and felt his burdens lifted from him. The band followed up with the song “Mercy” which describes God’s mercy to all of us. This same song has gone on to be re-recorded by Casting Crown.

Take the time to listen to this band or better yet, fly to New Zealand and spend a few days at the Parachute Festival instead of Florida next January!

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Question of the day: “What band have you wished to see perform live, but never had the opportunity?”.

My thoughts: I never had the chance to see Five Iron Frenzy before their demise. Their mix of ska and the genius, but peculiar, lyrics of Reese Roper always grabbed my attention.

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