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A few days ago I posted a link for the band After Edmund and their fundraising campaign for their upcoming album. I recently had the opportunity to have an email interview with the band. Check out this interview with After Edmund.

First things first. Can you explain how the name “After Edmund” came about?
OK… “After Edmund” is a reference to C.S. Lewis’ book The Chronicles Of Narnia. In the book, Edmund’s character is a metaphor for humanity; our temptation, sin, and eventually our redemption from sin through Jesus (represented by Aslan, the lion character) So… “After Edmund” means that because of our sin we are like Edmund in our need for Jesus. Hope that makes sense!

Your first label release, Hello, in 2008, was a big success for the band. What was it about “Hello” that garnered After Edmund not only a Dove nomination, but a Grammy nomination as well?
Ya know to be honest I don’t exactly know… since we didn’t do the nominating! Ha! It was a really different album at the time. We were exploring a deliberate departure from typical pop/rock textures musically, while trying to retain a familiar since of melody and song form. We were combining synth elements with big guitars and rock drums in ways loved from our favorite records. We really felt like it was a great album and hoped that music fans would really be into it too. After the release people started coming out of the woodwork for shows, but the album didn’t get much radio love; and it didn’t sell a gazillion copies. I guess that could be blamed on the label, the economy, us, the kind of album it was, who knows? So when we got the news about the Grammy nod we finally felt like the art we made on Hello was validated. It was a great feeling and a huge push for us to continue exploring different artistic avenues with the music.

You’ve always had a rabid fan base. What has the band be doing, since the Hello release in ’08, to keep those fans satisfied?
Since Hello we’ve toured like crazy! AE fans know that a huge part of what we do is the live show. We kept writing and making demos throughout the tours too. So it became obvious that we were going to need a new release to get the music out. Because we had no budget and parted way with our label, we decided to self-produce a live album. Spaceships and Submarines followed in ’10. We felt really strong about the self-production process so we decided to do an EP for the next batch of new songs… Times Have Changed came out in Feb of ’11. We did a Christmas EP in ’11 as well. And now we’re working on the new album!

After Edmund had its start back in 2001. What’s changed with the band over the past decade?
A lot has changed since we started the band. People and musical direction mainly changed. Ben and I are the only original AE members still in the band. It feels more like the band family has just grown though. Adam, Yates, and Matt are all still good friends!

Your previous full length album was on Slanted Records, now you’re back to being an independent artist. Can changing from a label supported band to an independent be a positive?
I think if there ever was time that it’s an advantage it’s now! I don’t know if we’ll stay independent… but we’ll be making music and touring whether we partner with a label or not.

You’ve started a Kickstarter campaign to generate funding for your upcoming album. How has that process been working for you?
Great so far! We’re looking forward to making a record the fans will be proud to support and glad they’re a part of.

How can fans find out more about your Kickstarter project?

What’s happening in the studio with the new recording?
Well, we’ve already recorded 4 songs with producer Rusty Varenkamp. Planning on recording 8 more. 4 ourselves and 4 with producer Scotty Wilbanks starting in March.

After Edmund has released dance-inspired alt/pop track such as “Dance Like You’re From the Future” and “Birds’. What can After Edmund fans expect from the new album? Will it be your original art rock vibe, dance alt/pop, or something different?
There will for sure be the familiar After Edmund sounds… but we’ve also just fallen in love with melody more and more. So lots of vocal driven hooks and melodic pop songs will make an appearance as well.

Have you given the album a name or release date?
No name yet; and we’re shooting for an early May release!

If After Edmund could accomplish only one thing as a band, what would that be?
We want to make the best art we can that expresses love for our creator, love for people, struggles, triumphs, failures, pain, joy, who we are, and we want to inspire people to think about who they are.

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