ABSOLVED to join Thumper Punk Records

If you enjoy punk as much as I do this is good news:

Thumper Punk Records (TPR) is pleased to announce that ABSOLVED has joined the TPR family of bands. ABSOLVED’s skate punk sound includes a touch of old-school punk with some youthcrew hardcore flavourings. Built on high energy and an advanced level of musicianship not typically associated with punk rock, these old friends have crafted and melded their combined influences over the last four years. ABSOLVED features Jimmy Sisco on vocals and guitar, Bob Magana on guitar, Byron Brumit on bass, and Aaron Kelly on drums. Available for pre-order now through the TPR webstore, ABSOLVED’s first release on TPR is an EP of 7 songs called This One Goes To Seven, which includes their unique versions of some punk classics. The first 100 copies of their This One Goes To Seven EP will include hand drawn cover artwork by members of the band, with each cover being different from the others.

Check out Thumper Punk Records here

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