Antestor blackens the night

Black metal fans sitting on both sides of the theological fence recognize the name Antestor. This Norwegian band shook up the metal scene in the early ’90’s. Christian metal was unusual during that era and their talent made them a stand out. It also resulted in death threats:

The existence of the band itself caused a debate in the metal underground. For example, during the early 1990s, Bård Faust of Emperor brought up the subject when he discussed with Euronymous, guitarist/vocalist from the seminal black metal band Mayhem, in his zine Orcustus about the Norwegian scene. Faust asked: “Don’t you think that something is terribly wrong when it has gone so far that we have a Christian “black metal” band here (Crush Evil)? Any advice on how we should kill them?” Euronymous replied to this: “It’s bad enough to have a couple of society bands, but a Christian band is too much. But don’t worry, we have plans. They will not continue for a very long time.” However, the band persevered despite these threats. Antestor was never forced to split apart, and in an almost ironic twist of fate, Jan Axel Blomberg (better known as Hellhammer, the drummer for Mayhem) was Antestor’s session drummer on their last two releases. – Wikipedia

Those threats came to naught and Antestor survived. The band released their “Unchained” video in February.

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