Artifex Pereo drops “Time In Place” May 27th


Tooth & Nail Records was known in the past for bringing truly artistic bands to the forefront of the music scene. During the past few years, it appeared that mission had changed to simply offering lackluster new artists who failed to offer anything new. With the addition of Artifex Pereo to their roster, the tables have turned again.

Emperor Nero’s last words were said to be, “Qualis Artifex Pereo.” Loosely translated, it means, “What an artist dies in me.” Artifex Pereo aren’t dying, so no obituary is needed. This gifted band may be destined to lay down a new legacy for Tooth & Nail, by offering a true talent with their vibrant lyrics and a widely divergent musical style. Time In Place may be the most interesting recording in a very long time.


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