C.S. Lewis inspires “Dear Wormwood” from The Oh Hellos

dear_wormwoodThe Oh Hellos have released their second full-length album, Dear Wormwood. This musical collection is a series of songs inspired in part by C.S. Lewis’ “The Screwtape Letters” and Patrick Rothfuss’ “The Name of the Wind”.  Mythology and folklore, combined with apocalyptic literature. Dear Wormwood crafts the tale of a protagonist trapped in an abusive relationship, through letters written to the antagonist. The album was recorded, piece by piece, in the house where Maggie and Tyler live in San Marcos, TX, and much like The Oh Hellos’ live performance, the album presents two alternating faces: at times delicate, intimate, affectionate; and at others, soaring and towering and joyfully explosive.

To discover something bright and wonderful, fans of indie folk need to add Dear Wormwood to their music collection.  http://music.theohhellos.com/

[youtube https://youtu.be/6nllogf68FE]

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