Cast The Dragon gives away new song


Horror punk outfit, Cast The Dragon, has a new single, “Scream Out His Name”. The artist has offered it as a free download or pay what you want on SkyBurnsBlack Records.

“woke in a cold sweat
from fighting demons in my dreams
I come out victorious
in the night is when they creep
they’ll put a sickness in you
enough to wipe your memory
heed these words they are true
if you want darkness to leave
-scream out His name
you’re paralyzed
the grey men are in your dreams
struggle to break free
bound and gagged you cannot scream
but your soul can
Lord God hears your cries
the light poors from you
with the whisper of the Christ”

Joshua Lory of Cast The Dragon had this to say about the new song: (yes, you old school audiophiles this is the Josh Lory of LSU fame)

Many believe, myself included, that aliens are hybrids working for fallen angels, not the ancient alien programming they’re feeding the goats. when the visitors come, call the name of Yeshua, Jesus Christ, Yahweh and the darkness will run in fear. it has worked for me, it will work for you.

Find “Scream Out His Name” on Bandcamp.

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