Debut single from Winona Avenue

Winona Avenue. The name is new, the band isn’t, being formerly known to pop punk fans as Black Pages. The rebranded Winona Avenue released their debut single, “Move This Town” along with a music video on February 22nd.

The band explains; “Move This Town is about starting a movement and making a difference in the community, whether it be helping those in need or simply being there for others no matter the circumstances.” Daniel Deputy, frontman for Winona Avenue, states “I wrote this song with the idea that there are no limitations on what a group of people can accomplish together. You don’t have to travel the world to make a difference in somebody’s life. There are people hurting and longing for hope in the communities that every one of us are living in today.”

There’s an interesting (and sad) story behind the video. The band had to overcome the theft of $40,000 worth of equipment the morning of the video shoot for this (kind of ironically) positive song and music video about making a difference in your town.

Winona Avenue first introduced themselves at the beginning of 2019 as a mix of alternative rock and synth pop. Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana, Winona Avenue is a two-piece band featuring brothers Daniel Deputy and David Deputy. Inspired by 2000’s pop punk and 2010’s pop rock, frontman Daniel Deputy writes anthemic melodies along with purposeful lyrics. “We decided upon the name Winona Avenue because we grew up on a road called Winona Drive,” says Daniel. David further clarifies that “Winona Avenue can be used as a metaphor for a beginning. We all follow a route throughout our lives. Ultimately, it’s the decisions we make, the way in which we deal with circumstances, and who we choose to follow that will determine where we will go. Even if it seems like you are at the end of the road completely or if you have nowhere left to turn, there’s always hope for a new beginning.”

Winona Avenue have plans to release their self-titled debut album sometime in 2019.

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