Doomsday Hymn – “Mene Tequel Ufarsim”


Influenced by everything from 80’s power and speed metal to modern, groove-friendly metalcore, Doomsday Hymn are a crushing quintet well versed in the ways of all things metal. Boasting an impressive live performance history and an intense full length on Rottweiler Records, Doomsday Hymn are a hair-raising, hectic display of comprehensive metallic prowess, bold and brutalizing enough to bring about true Armageddon. Since the day of their inception, Doomsday Hymn have only grown in size, ferocity and ambition. What started as a simple attempt at an unorthodox style of music has matured into a full-blown band, determined to use their immense style and unquenchable thirst for live performance to deliver doom to metal heads around the earth.

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