Dreamer EP from Kingslynn


Kingslynn have made their new EP Dreamer, available on Noisetrade on a “pay-as-you-wish” basis. Pick it up now, it’s superb. http://noisetrade.com/kingslynn/dreamer-ep

Kingslynn is an American indie trio from Miami, FL that formed in 2010. After years of experimenting with numerous styles of music, Kingslynn stands solid today with David A. Molina on synths and drums, Michael Blanco on bass and background vocals, and his wife Evelyn Grace on lead vocals.

Finding musical influence through Kye Kye, M83, Portishead, Wild Cub, Susanne Sundfør, Paper Route, Electric Youth, Tycho, Bjork, and MuteMath, Kingslynn strives for its listeners to experience something fresh by conveying rather atmospheric, intimate dispositions along with sounds that are influenced by a wide range of styles from alternative/electronic to classical. Every good gift is from Christ and Kingslynn hopes that their music will not only inspire, but be a gift to every listener as well.

Find more about Kingslynn on their website. http://kingslynnmusic.com/

[youtube http://youtu.be/_J5_UiFuZUg]

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