Everything In Slow Motion “Speak” video

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJR1rNrEnZ0]


Everything In Slow Motion have released a new song and video from the upcoming album, Phoenix. Check out “Speak” featuring guest vocals from Blindside’s Christian Lindskog.

Tune into The Antidote Wednesday, Dec 11th at 9pm EST as we meet with Shane Ochsner to discuss and listen to Phoenix. 92.7 FM Peterborough, Ontario or live stream.

In a recent HM interview Shane describes his experience working with Lindskog: “The first time I heard the song and his voice I was sitting at the table, and when I heard his voice I took my headphones off and threw them on the floor because it was so overwhelming. I am so grateful to have him on this record.”

Phoenix releases Dec 10th. Pre-orders are available here.


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