FLTF – "Daydreamer"

I met FLTF (formerly From Love To Forfeit) as we were standing in the lineup for lunch at GMA week/Covenant Awards last fall in Calgary. We talked music as we were waiting to be served. The band members filled me in on what they were trying to achieve as a band. Later they gave me a CD containing some of the songs from their upcoming release AS LIONS. After seeing a homemade CD with song titles handwritten on a piece of paper stuffed into the jewel case, I wasn’t expecting much. I was wrong, dead wrong. FLTF is a hard-hitting synth-pop quintet that redefines the standards for Christian rock pop.

A new EP is on the way from FLTF Daydreamer, is due out later this fall. According to Ash Militsala, lead vocalist, guitar and synth player of FLTF:

This EP is the release that totally defines our musical writing style, and genre. From R&B styled vocals over slamming beats that force you to dance, to sweetly sung falsetto lines over progressions that’ll stick in your head for days, this release is really going to surprise people and capture even more attention. We’ve taken everything regarding the music, and even image of the band, and have taken it to this futuristic style fused with today’s pop culture.

For a taste of what’s to come, the band released their “Daydreamer” video today.

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