Gerard Mora – White River lyrics

White River

The leaves faded when you left me,
The wind was singing you to sleep,
Even though it had to be this way.
I only wish you could’ve stayed.

I tried to hold you,
I tried to keep you.

But now I know,
That you had to go.
Let that white river take you home
Past this world and to your own
And I will paddle all my life
Cross every bend until you’re in my sight again
I dreamt of the days,
We would spend in this place,
And every memory we missed.
We will make up in the end.

And I will follow you,
I’ll let the river flow,
And I’ll come rushing in,
Take me to where you’ve been,
Cause you’re my guiding light.
In my darkest nights.
Son I’ll see you again.
Once I chase this river ’til its end

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