Household stretches their sound

“I found this out too late for love,” sings HOUSEHOLD frontman Josh Gilbert as he ushers in the band’s new era on their long-awaited third release. The effort, which is a split with fellow Minnesota natives INFINITE ME, showcases the group stepping away from their melodic-punk roots and into the burgeoning realm of indie-coated emo.

“Household’s sound has been changing from the start,” says frontman Josh Gilbert. “Although our change originally had to do with my vocal issues, it is now something that we’re all very excited about. I think we all feel that there’s a new maturity in what we’re finding lately”

Since forming in August of 2013, HOUSEHOLD has evolved from a local melodic-hardcore favourite to a touring machine that thrives on progression. With their biggest plans still ahead of them in 2017, HOUSEHOLD is transitioning into a notable force.

HOUSEHOLD, INFINITE ME Split releases on May 5th via Blood & Ink Records.

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