Indie Vision Music closes label

Attention friends, family and loved ones
As of today, I am beginning the process of stopping operations of the Indie Vision Music LABEL. My final release with IVM will be Nate Parrish “Bullets and Blades” single.
It has been weighing heavy on my heart to even consider stopping this label side of things. I’ve poured my heart, soul, and wallet into this division of Indie Vision Music since the very first release of Light The Way “Grace” Ep back in January 2017. Light The Way truly are a band all about HOPE and I pray that through these releases, you were all filled with a little bit more of it especially in this depressing time we live in.
It has been an insane ride with thrilling ups and devastating lows. Times of joy and times of pain. Much like this journey I’ve been on for a good 20 years now, it’s one roadblock after another. The well has run dry in a financial sense. After awhile you kind of start rethinking things and realizing that if you are pumping more money into something than you can ever get back, it’s not self sufficient and is doomed to fail. I would do this till the day I die if someone bank rolled it but in my case that ain’t gonna happen and I need to know my limits.
I have slowly begun the process of taking down a couple releases from digital markets and many others wont be renewed next year. I will continue making all the compilations you see on digital markets available and some of those super old releases as well as a select few newer ones.
So where are we now?
Well, good news is that this website isn’t going anywhere. It costs minimal amount to keep a website operational and I can afford the hosting plan. I just can’t afford to spend money on any other items like physical music media and the like. The website will continue to operate as normal at and there will be more news, reviews, and interviews in the future. I will even have more time to focus on the site rather than all the other stuff.
StoreFrontier tshirt/hoodie store will remain up for the foreseeable future. I will keep the Storenvy CD/Tape/Vinyl store working until I sell out of most of it and then it’ll be closed down.
Bandcamp will remain up as is, so make sure to support IVM and grab some tunes direct from the store.
Thank you all for supporting this brief Indie Vision Music “Label” re-launch and I hope you found some new bands to listen to. It’s been an absolutely honor to work with every single one of these artists who are very talented at what they do.
For me personally this journey has been fraught with disappointments, let downs, mistakes, wrong decisions, but at the same time, an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. I feel like I’ve been at this same point more times that I can even remember in 20 years. You long time fans know what I’m talking about. Go, STOP, Go, STOP, Go, STOPPPPPP, and so on. I truly feel like a failure sometimes to the point where I just question where my place is in all of this. It’s tough. I’m my own worst enemy.
Well, the show must go on as they say and I am ready to move forward (without spending countless amounts of dollars on everything).

So with that said, we will get back to posting news and more content at the website here and less label hype.

Thank you,

-Brandon Jones/IVM

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