Kekal schedule “Deeper Underground” beginning 2017

kekalThe Indonesian experimental metal band Kekal, has announced the follow-up to their superb 2015 album, Multilateral. Find their previous releases via

Just want to give a few updates here about the next Kekal album.. The album will be entitled Deeper Underground. The title came after the lyrics I wrote earlier this year, with principal notion that even if we feel we hit ‘the rock bottom’ during our journey in life, it doesn’t mean the ultimate defeat, as it can be a blessing in disguise, that enables us to understand and to explore that ‘rock bottom’ and find some useful and even interesting lessons. A kind of experience we would never get if we always roam the surface or fly high all the time.

 There are so many things going on in my life right now, that I haven’t been able to find the right time composing and recording the new material yet.. Booooooo… Yes, it’s quite unfortunate, but I have written some lyrics now, and also did some very initial production mappings, like setting up guitar tones and so on.. In terms of production method, the album will be more simple, and focusing on the sounds of individual instruments as opposed to putting so many things into the mix.. I don’t have any idea when the recording will start, but I hope the entire album will be finished and released sometime in 2018. Right now, I am trying to focus on the brighter side and generate positive attitude towards life in general, like putting dreams as goals that you may eventually achieve, rather than as forms of escapism and stop there and still be depressed. I’ve been listening to “A Dream for a Moment” and “Narrow Avenue” for quite some time again now, and to be honest, those songs have some kind of positive lyrics I am aiming to write for the new album.

 This album will follow pretty much the same release process as with the latest album “Multilateral”, with majority of tracks to be released individually as they are ready, before the album release date. So this means you can expect the first track to come out for digital download in 2017 or so, and then other tracks will follow, one at a time, over the course of one year until the album release date.


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