Kye Kye “Honest Affection” video

Kye Kye consists of Estonian-born siblings Olga (vox/guitar), Timothy (programming/keys/guitar), Alex (keys), and brother-in-law Thomas (drums). Based in Camas, Washington, the atmospheric, indie quartet is fronted by Olga’s enchanting and wispy vocals. Kye Kye couples intricate lyrics with raw, electronic instrumentation.

Kye Kye’s 2011 debut album Young Loveproduced by Eric Owyoung of Future of Forestry, was met with unforeseen and widespread acceptance. Their follow-up release, Fantazise, drops on January 21. Their single from the new album, “Honest Affection”, has been developed into a beautiful video directed by Salomon Ligthelm.



“Honest Affection”

I never knew that I was so harsh
With things I thought I wasn’t afraid of
I never knew that I was so scared
To change because of honest affection

Over your words
Stuck on your heart

A part of me just wanted to know
But the other part was always so wasted
My heart was always made to be still
To wait because you promised you’d save it

I never knew I was in a place
Hiding to avoid any signals
I close my eyes and picture your face
And see a look I never envisioned.

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