Lindforest the beautiful

You don’t have to be from Sweden to enjoy the beautiful music of Lindforest. The band claims to be entrenched in the pop genre, but that is far from the case, as they blend ambient, alt rock and pop into a single entity.

Based out of Stockholm, the band contains musicians who are more than simply recognizable. Vocals from the incredibly talented Christian Lindskog, on guitar is Simon Grenehed both from Blindside. Piano with Andreaz Hedén, and Michal Bäckrud rounding out Lindforest on drums.

It’s doubtful that North America may ever find this band gracing our shores, but we can always hope. While Lindforest typically has Lindskog singing in English, their new song, “Den Dag Du Faller Ner” is sung in Swedish. No need to pull out a translator, the video comes with English subtitles.

Just as their music is beautiful, so is Lindforest’s website. Be sure to check it out here.


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