MOTS becomes Rival Choir

Rival Choir

Rival Choir will be releasing their new album I Believe, Help My Unbelief, early next year. Rival Choir is a continuation of Mouth of the South. With their new direction as a band both musically and missional, their recent name change fully encompasses their change in inclination and sound.

Rival Choir had this to say about the name change and new direction:

After almost 9 years of being a band and going through countless member and style changes we decided that our next step as a collective would be to rebrand ourselves entirely, which will include changing our name to Rival Choir. With our newest direction as a band both musical and missional we feel like the name fully encompasses who we are and what we are going for. We thank you for your support throughout the years and we are excited to see where this next chapter will take us.

Rival Choir’s I Believe, Help My Unbelief, drops February 5, 2016 through Facedown Records.


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