Pacific Gold regenerates old hymns


Hailing from Seattle, WA, Pacific Gold (the band formerly known as Wayfarer), has been heralded for their “Repurposed Hymns & Spiritual Songs.” Beginning with lyric sets from old and sometimes forgotten hymns, Pacific Gold creates entirely new music, aiming to exemplify the poetry and truth of the lyrics. Their influences range from modern indie rock to classic sixties pop and psychedelia.

Pacific Gold’s debut EP The River was released in July 2012, and was quickly downloaded 12,000 times. The band released their second self-titled EP, in November of 2013. Pacific Gold’s songwriter, Dan Koch, was a member of the band Sherwood.

“The whole project is still so experimental,” says Pacific Gold founder and vocalist Dan Koch, “We want people to take this ride with us”. After breezing through a Kickstarter campaign that reached 121% funding, Pacific Gold has announced that they will be releasing their upcoming LP through Bad Christian Music. Koch envisioned the band’s style after an eye-opening experience one Sunday in church, with a realization that old hymns need not be confined to a corporate worship structure or pre-conceived box, but had the potential to grow and be reimagined for today’s audience. The result was the birth of Pacific Gold.

The band’s partnership with BC Music will bring the new LP, Sing My Welcome Home, to the public March 24/15.  The band’s previous self-titled EP can be downloaded for free here:

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