Rapture sends out Trials as free download

Rapture_Trials_CoverOnTheAttack Records announced that the band Rapture from Los Angeles, California, has joined its family of bands, and is releasing its debut album Trials as a free download. Trials breathes fresh air back into the old-school hardcore scene with driving beats, breakdowns and earnest lyrics reflecting the band’s faith. The band is Christian, and they don’t hide it on Trials. But, they’ve also met the listener half-way with positive vibes, sing-along gang vocals, and a shared commitment to each other and the listener. Musically unique, yet standing on the shoulders of bands like Terror, Dynasty, and xLooking Forwardx.

Rapture features Richard Haro (Vocals), Garrett Gutierrez (Guitar), Tony Rangel (Drums) and Isaac Guerrera (Bass).

Download a free copy of Trials at:  https://ontheattackrecords.bandcamp.com/album/trials


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