Ravenhill feature on The Antidote

This coming Wednesday Oct. 10 at 9, Ravenhill will be our featured artist. Named after the well known pastor Leonard Ravenhill, this Nashville, Tennessee band offers up an unusual sound that is all their own. Blending influences of punk, gospel, jazz, blues, grunge, indie, hard-core, soul, and classic rock to create their unique music.

You’ll have a chance to hear what this band is all about on Wednesday night at 9 on Trent Radio 92.7 FM Peterborough.

Live stream The Antidote Wednesday’s from 9 – 10 EST here.

As I was setting up this week’s show I happened upon a vidcast from Ravenhill featuring their performance at the Cornerstone festival and a portion of the interview I had with Joshua Clifton, lead vocalist of Ravenhill. Check it out.

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