Schematic debuts video for ‘Stand”

Dave Elkins returns to The Antidote this coming Wednesday at 9pm EST, with more insights into the music of Schematic and Mae. Tune in to hear more from this enormously talented musician.


Schematic, the solo project from Mae frontman Dave Elkins, has debuted a new video for his song “Stand” today with The song is featured on his debut album, Color (n.) Inside The Lines, which was released by Seattle based indie label Spartan Records in late 2013. The record is currently available digitally from iTunes (includes three bonus tracks) and on CD and limited edition gatefold double vinyl (includes three bonus tracks) in three variants at Schematic’s new video for “Stand” now, exclusively at

“Rhythm and groove really get to me,” says Elkins. “”Stand” was the first song I wrote for Color (n.) Inside The Lines and I was certain that I’d implement it both as a staple for the album as well as Schematic’s identity. As important as “feel” is for me, I also love exploring mathematical ways to make the songwriting process experimental and the outcome as different as it is familiar. “Stand” is Schematic’s best effort to put all of these ingredients into the pot, stir, simmer, and serve.”

After a very successful decade fronting the beloved indie-powerhouse Mae, Dave Elkins packed his bags and relocated to Nashville for the start of something new in 2011. With four LP’s, three EP’s, and over half a million album sales under his belt worldwide, Elkins longed to refine his approach to making records, to experiment with the unknown. The result emerged under the moniker Schematic, and in the form of a brilliant and breathtakingly complex record, Color (n.) Inside The Lines.

Schematic’s breakthrough single, “Stand,” immediately emerged as a fan and critic favorite, capturing another side of Elkins as he fully embraced his newfound, reimagined burst of artistic creativity. It’s just one of many incredible tracks on his bold and impressive debut record.

“Stand…boasts the earnest lyrics and familiar yet challenging melodies associated with Mae” –

While Dave Elkins has reunited with Mae, his work with Schematic remains increasingly busy with the record being released in Japan which will be followed by a three city tour there this fall

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