Silent Culture delivers a new voice

scThe world is changing faster than ever. Angry mobs seem to have the spotlight and no one is speaking up for what’s right anymore. Until now. Silent Culture is making music that is giving a “voice to the voiceless”.

This Vineland, New Jersey band has joined together five guys who have set out on a journey to create a movement of people who are tired of their voices not being heard, and are ready to join with them in speaking up for the truth. Writing songs that everyone can relate to, they emphasize the importance of not conforming to this world and standing up for what you believe in, even when you’re standing alone.

This young, energetic band is leading the way for a new breed of indie groups that are bringing songs full of passion with a strong message, while keeping the music powerful and real.

Truth transcends all races, ages cultures, political ideologies and walks of life. Silent Culture is a band with music that engages the senses and lyrics that encourage, challenge and inspire you to think for yourself and take a stand for what’s right.

This is your time. Silent Culture is your band.

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