Skyside 6 goes Indiegogo


Formerly Wake Against The Fall, Skyside 6 is a punk/hardcore band based in Omaha, Nebraska. Their first band disbanded and they went separate ways. Now three of those members, Brandon, Jake and Anthony are back and restarted with a new sound and name. Delsin came later to Skyside 6, bringing his heavy vocals and guitar talents to fill out their sound. Their musical aim is a mix of punk rock and hardcore that honors and represents our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Just like every new band, Skyside 6 needs financial help to take them to the next level. Their Indiegogo funding campaign will go straight to helping them get their new EP, #I’mTrying, printed and distributed. Also an allotted amount will be put toward new sound equipment for use during their live shows.

Skyside 6’s campaign is drawing to a close. Head to their campaign, discover the perks they’re offering, and show them some love.

Listen to #I’mTrying on Soundcloud.

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