Summer sampler from Facedown Records

facedownrecords_summersampler2014_cover-475x475The 2014 summer sampler from Facedown Records is now available for download. Containing nine tracks from Facedown’s most recent releases, it includes two singles from unreleased albums and a super exclusive song from Colossus. Singles from Mouth of the South and War of Ages appear on the sampler from unreleased and upcoming albums. 

Grab a download and treat yourself to Everything In Slow Motion, My Epic, Saving Grace and more!

Facedown has also released their summer merch line with 100% of proceeds from the sales going to Red Island Restoration, a re-forestation project in Madagascar.


Mouth of the South – “Good Intentions”
Colossus – “Demons”
Everything In Slow Motion – “Poison”
War Of Ages – “From Ashes”
My Epic – “Royal”
Those Who Fear – “Bruised”
Saving Grace – “+0″
Extol – “A Gift Beyond Human Reach”
Leaders – “Weak Minds”


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