The Antidote fall season

After a four week hiatus The Antidote returns for the fall season on Trent Radio. I had a great summer touring both Canada and the US, checking out different bands at a wide variety of venues and music festivals. It wasn’t just great hearing new music, it was also great to sit down with a number of artists who shared with The Antidote some of the details of their band’s experiences.

  • What kind of music does the hardcore band, August Burns Red, really enjoy?
  • Why is Leanor Ortega Till, sax player of Five Iron Frenzy, better known as “Jeff the Girl”?
  • Is the band The La De Les really under the influence?
  • What does War of Ages do when only 20 people are in attendance at a show?
  • Why did Ravenhill choose the name of British evangelist for their band?
  • Why does Ilia not like girl bands?

Those and other life-changing questions will be asked and answered on future dates on The Antidote. Dial in 92.7 FM in the Peterborough, ON area each Wednesday night from 9 – 10. Stream online at Find recordings of past episodes of The Antidote at

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