The powerful newcomer: Armored Disciples

armored disciples c

The Antidote is really digging in to the raw and gritty sound from musical newcomer, Armored Disciples.

Hailing from Central Kentucky, Armored Disciples serves up a heavy meal of Southern Christian Metal to the lost, hungry, and wandering. Its hard sound tastes like blood and grit, revealing a life once controlled by sin, transformed through spiritual warfare and strengthened by the armor of God.

Calling upon the musical influences of Zakk Wylde, Saint, and Stryper, the band’s frontman and multi-instrumentalist Brandon Sheene offers his raw testimony with deep, raging vocals and searing electric riffs.

Sheene, a combat veteran, turns his pain into praise for all to see. Through Armored Disciples, Sheene destines to send a message of worship, faith, and redemption without ignoring the truths and trials of life. He reveals his faith through sharing his personal experiences of the ravaging effects of war, alcoholism, and personal loss. Sheene reaches out to the troubled, torn, and misunderstood, as he boldly illustrates his past inner turmoils through his music, and his faith to overcome by the power of Christ.

Armored Disciples is devoted to spreading, loud and clear, the good word of God.

Find free music from Armored Disciples on their website.

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