The Year of Band Departures

Over the past 12 months a number of significant Christian artists have called it quits. Thrice has gone on indefinite hiatus, A Plea For Purging closed up shop, Underoath has just finished their final tour, and Downhere played their final concert this past fall.

Last September, a favourite of The Antidote, A Children’s Crusade posted this notice on their Facebook site:

We would like to thank everyone for sharing the experience of this band’s existence with us. We have taken from it memories and music that will occupy our hearts and minds for the duration of our lives.

That being said; we have reached a point where our next move is toward the exit. Our lives are taking on changes that call for more attention than we are currently capable of giving. Anthony was recently offered employment in another part of the state which he has now accepted. Eric and Jason both recently announced that they are going to be dads soon (with their wives, not each other) and have a lot of preparation and sleepless nights in their future.

This is not the end of music for any of us and maybe not even the end of this band, but for the moment we are on hiatus.


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