Thumper Punk Records comes to an end

Incredibly sad news came today from Thumper Punk Records. Since its founding in 2008, Thumper Punk has been the “go to” label for artists and fans of punk music with a Christian perspective. Now its come to an end.

All music fans have favourite artists and/or labels. When they disappear it leaves a cavity in the soul. Music has that profound an influence on our lives. The departure of Thumper Punk Records has affected me in such a personal way. TPR was the first label to contact The Antidote after this program began airing in 2011. Label founder, David Aaron, was constantly supportive of The Antidote, offering music suggestions, organizing interviews, sending out very complete press info packages (thank you David!). But it was the personal connection that meant the most. Late night messaging back and forth meant so much to me. Often those messages had nothing to do with music, as we spent time commiserating with each other the time commitments of having families, full time professions, and our music passion projects.

Through Thumper Punk Records, David has made an enormous impact in the music scene. But more importantly, TPR has affected the lives of all, it has deepened peoples faith and strengthened their love of Christ.

Here’s the Thumper Punk Records announcement:

When TPR first started, I felt called to serve in a music Ministry. I now feel called to do other things. It’s just that simple. No drama or crisis of faith. My season with TPR is ending, so TPR will be going on hiatus. The remaining release schedule includes the benefit compilation for Christian Alliance for Orphans, three more releases in the 3 Song Acoustic series (plus one related unannounced benefit project), and one Discography style release from a historically important JCHC band. The TPR webstore now is having a huge sale on remaining CDs ( I’ll still be at California based JCHC shows, and supporting our scene. I look forward to future releases from my brothers at Indie Vision MusicRaven Faith RecordsRottweiler RecordsZAP RecordsCristo Suburbano, Resurrected Vinyl, SkyBurnsBlack RecordsIn Presence RecordsVeritas VinylLove Your Enemies Records, and someday perhaps again TPR. Thank you to all who have supported this humble Ministry.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

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