Tigerwine “Sharp Elbows” video

Colorado Springs, Colorado trio TIGERWINE released their new EP ‘Lull’ on July 17, via Blood & Ink Records.

The band formed in 2012, melding their grunge, emo and hardcore influences into a sound that just may help them achieve their goal of being “the loudest band in the world.”

Hayden Trobee of Tigerwine had this to say about their new song and video for ‘Sharp Elbows”:

“Sharp Elbows” is about being fed up. I grew up in church and this song was written at a time in my life when my family had our lives uprooted by people I saw as having an almost alien way about them. People who say and do all the right things but behind closed doors are inhumanly cruel. People who it seems almost always, inexplicably, are involved with such institutions.

[youtube https://youtu.be/SAWYMLKu3-g]

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