Weathered joins Facedown

With three EP’s under their belt, Weathered have joined Facedown Records, adding a refined, superbly crafted debut LP to their discography. In their upcoming album, Stranger Here, Weathered reveals perfectly counterbalanced subtleties of shoe-gaze with ample alt rock allure. The sing-alongable choruses and cathartic vocal hooks, especially on songs like “Forget About Me” and “Lying In Wait,” give the album a relaxed, familiar feel.

Weathered address strong lyrical themes on Stranger Here, making grace and forgiveness the nucleus of the album. The Minnesota four-piece reveal the mission statement behind the title of the album: “Our natural desire to run away from God and do things that are spiritually detrimental to us can make us feel like strangers around the people we’re supposed to be closest to.”  Stranger Here lays bare the flaws of humanity, but it also whispers grace, and reveals a warm glimmer of hopefulness.

Stranger Here will see an August 2018 release.

Pre-order now at the online store, iTunes or Amazon.

Listen on Spotify or Apple Music.

Find out more about Weathered during The Antidote’s 2017 interview with the band.

Interview with Weathered

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