“Whispers In The Dark” metal cover by Exegesis

Melodic metal band Exegesis, normally calls Bogota, Columbia home, but they’ve been recently staying in Chicago recently. Perhaps spending time in the U.S. gave Exegesis the idea to record a metal version of Skillet’s “Whispers In The Dark”. This could be an improvement on the original.

The band is fronted by Juan Carlos Garzón (bass/lead vocals) and his brother Andres Garzón (guitars), along with Giovanny Rodriguez (keyboard, vocals), Miguel Rosas (drums), and Adriana Arango (keys, vocals).

Their first album, Lagrimas de Sangre (Tears of Blood 2007), is a series of stories inspired by a friend’s diary entries that tries to express the despair of growing up in Colombia and searching for meaning. With Espiritu Artificial (Artificial Spirit 2009), the band expanded their sound while lyrically going further into self-reflection and attempting to provoke the apathy so pervasive in Latin America.

Exegesis will be performing this July at AudioFeed 2015 in Urbana, Illinois.

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