White Collar Sideshow give an audible peek of Valley of the Skull

The new White Collar Sideshow song “Tombstones for Eyes” is quite different from the previous WCS releases, but still carries the dramatic and artistic flair they’re so well known for. The band had this to say about the video process.

Brand new video for the new song we recorded and filmed in São Paulo, Brazil last year. “Tombstones for Eyes” will be on our third album, Valley of the Skull, to be released in 2018. This song was recorded at Family Mob studios through CONVERSE Rubber Tracks with Jean Dolabella of EGO KILL TALENT and Sepultura, Andre Kbelo Sangiacomo and Alex Vinicius of Medulla on guitar. Mastered by Brysson Rockwell of Bulwark Mastering. This was filmed and edited by Dagoberto Junior of Dasm Filmes, Director of Photography Rodrigo de Paula, color by Elvis Cavalcante, stylist David Sheik, and produced by TD Benton and Moah Buffalo. Bárbara Tagliati Photography was on set taking still photos and Marcel Franco had a guest appearance!

We recorded the song in about 6 hours and spent several days filming in São Paulo at multiple locations. We had an amazing time with everyone and can’t wait to get back to Brazil! Please share! Thanks for all the love and support friends! Hope you dig it!

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