Young Fox release “Predecessors”

youngfox_rosterYoung Fox’s poignant music is both cathartic in verse as it is in its riffs. Tracks like “The Answer” and “Diet of Worms” remind listeners of the affecting impact that intense and inspiring music can have on a person. Predecessors showcases the band’s depth and maturity, and ultimately establishes them as one of rock’s most promising newcomers.

For two years, Pittsburgh PA’s Young Fox has been at work — writing, refining, building and honing. Foundational anchors were set at the fascinating intersection of homage and experimentation, and familiar outlines of past inspiration were redrawn with steady, confident hands.

“Our motivation was to put something beautiful into the world,” says bass player Marty Lunn, “we wanted to give the listener something to contemplate.” Such a lofty vision required deliberate steps, artistic synthesis, and the courage to wrestle with challenging thematic content in an authentic way.

With influences ranging from Sunny Day Real Estate to Fugazi, characterizing Young Fox’s sound is not a simple task. Predecessors is a journey of aesthetic variance, where melodic integrity meets power, lushness breaks for simplicity, and structure crescendos into recklessness.

“We really like that ‘wall of sound’ type of feel,” says drummer Chris Lehberger, “it’s like you can almost get lost in the wash of instruments. We were cognizant of layering in pretty moments as well — those types of melodies and riffs that take you somewhere else.”

Young Fox releases their debut EP Predecessors at digital outlets on July 22nd. The EP is available for pre-order now at the Spartan Records store and all pre-orders include an instant download of “The Answer.”

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