Deathsong – “Deathsong” EP review


Rising from the Columbus, Ohio hardcore and metal scene comes a unique blend of chaotic hardcore from Deathsong. The band follows in the footsteps of predecessors, The Chariot, and Advent, with a touch of Silent Planet, on their superb debut release, Deathsong

Brilliance and brevity reach equilibrium on the Deathsong EP. The 3 songs provide only 8 minutes of time to savour the creativity of Deathsong, but the effect is powerful.

It would be easy to come to Deathsong expecting the macabre. It’s there to be found, but with a purpose. “Desperate” begins the journey.

Time can mend your suffering if you’re willing
I know you never meant to hurt another
But every time another petal falls
The soil corrodes further
It’s just another dying flower

An ages old question is honestly asked on “Glamorized”.  “Where are you when I need you?”

Were you up in heaven watching me fail?
It’s a loaded thought
Dead poet’s prayer
I was here on earth still killing myself
It’s a loaded thought
Dead poet’s prayer

Deathsong reaches a disturbing climax on the final track, “Murder”. Building from a subtle and melancholy guitar riff, overlaid by shouted vocals. “Murder” shifts into full speed at the halfway mark and carries multiple time signature changes. Sipes’ vocals grab attention when he delivers:

Cause if life’s about choices
Then so is death
And I’m not waiting any longer for my spirit give way
It’s well with my soul if it’s well with yours
Are you well dead friend?

Deathsong may not have reinvented the genre. What they have accomplished is to rejuvenate a music style in an artistically spectacular way.

Deathsong releases Nov 4, 2016, through the folks at Delayed Gratification Records, on CD and digital. The pre-order of the EP is available here.  

Deathsong is:
Ethan Sipes – Vocals
Jack Sipes – Guitar/Vocals
Shiloh Kerbs – Bass
Kyle Spinell – Drums

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