No Lost Cause – Fight review

no-lost-cause-fight-epNo Lost Cause is a musical oddity. Is this band punk? Rock? Ska? Easy answer ….. all of them. NLC wraps all the songs into a lyrical package that makes Christ the focal point.

Blazing out of the gate with a big two tone ska sound, Fight opens with a tale of growing older and loosing focus on “Your Days Are Numbered”.  Style change into the pop-punk track “So Amazing” that could have been created by the band Hello Kelly.

There’s a great O.C. Supertones song, “Adonai”, during which Mojo Morginsky throws a shout-out to a number of other ska artists. No Lost Cause blows that song out of the water on “TPR”. Cleverly written lyrics incorporate the names of 19 of the artists found on the Thumper Punk Records label. Uncontrived and delightful the song is a musical tribute to the TPR roster.

“Fight”, the EP’s title track, brings in a darker rock/punk blend dealing with believers needing to be overcomers.

I had said that NLC is a oddity. The oddest point is when the Fighter EP delivers its own “rickroll”. No Lost Cause elected to cover Rick Astley’s 1987 song “NGGYU” (Never Gonna Give You Up). Stylistically the tune fits the flow of the EP, but it remains a forgettable song.

The EP closer, “Mainstream”, brings us into a Buck Enterprises styled ska, minus the horns. The band nails both the sound and the topic as they look at the influence of culture in our lives.

Wake up, it’s not too late, we can still resuscitate
No time, no we can’t wait, it’s up to us, let’s turn it all around
Take what they try to sell us, throw it back, cuz they can’t buy us
No, we won’t accept the virus, we live for Him who turns it all around

No doubt that on Fight NLC wants keeps you guessing as to what will happen next. They keep it short, sweet, exhilarating, and fun (and it’s been a long time since I’ve heard such a fun release). Fight is guaranteed to pull you out of your musical doldrums.

Find Fight on Bandcamp.

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