Numbered With The Transgressors – Commencing The Mechanics Of Dismemberment review


Age must be creeping up on me. I remain a huge fan of metal, but the brutal death/grind scene has never been able to hold my attention. I don’t have any problem sorting out the lyrics of  hardcore, but brutal death always leaves me asking “WHAT?”. I was more than happy to have access to the lyrics of the new EP, Commencing The Mechanics Of Dismemberment from Numbered With The Transgressors.

Zack Plunkett is best known as guitarist for Abated Mass Of Flesh, but he’s also the sole member of his side project,  Numbered With The Transgressors. Zack carries on with the groundwork laid with AMOF, but adds his own style to NWTT.

While the five song EP is musically repetitive, lyrically Commencing The Mechanics Of Dismemberment, deals with weighty topics with true insight. Here are some of the high points.

Global awakening, ending draws near
Apocalyptic visions being fulfilled
Bring Armageddon
Great monuments, laid to waste
Murder and deceit have it’s way
In a world of carnal debauchery

This is carnal
This is iniquity
Murderously initiated
The rotting commences
Will we see a change
Or inhabit this desecration

Lifeless body on the table
An empty mortal shell
Once treasured and trusted
Now deceased without warning
Every minute in time
Leading to this moment

The murderous thoughts
Invading the mind
This demise will soon follow
Victim confused and swiftly deceived
Gunned down, robbed
He is left for dead
Everything taken away
Body sits for days
Before a vile discovery
Broken family forever departed
Left in question

A fan of the genre could make a better assessment of the attributes of Commencing The Mechanics Of Dismemberment. For myself, I leave the album feeling it to be intellectually inspired, yet find it lacks memorable music.

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