NYVES – Anxiety review


I’ve been a long term fan of both Demon Hunter and Project 86, and I’ve appreciated the extraordinary talents of Randy Torres (ex-guitarist for Project 86) and vocalist Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter. But, I was taken off guard by the announcement regarding their collaboration on a new musical project, NYVES.

While Anxiety fits into the genre of electronic music, the diversity of styles found is the album is enormous. The album ranges from retro electronic style numbers, house music, pop synth tunes, to songs that are delicately crafted with subtle electronic elements.

Here’s a run down of the songs found on Anxiety:

“Return” – Comes across as film score opener. The synth element gives a nod to Vangelis’ early music.

“Something Divine” – Bold, abrupt, and driving tone. A song with lyrics that grab you and won’t let go.

I want it all
The blood, the flesh, the soul
Give me the time
The guns the peace control
I wanna see
The tide begin to rise
Let me believe
The world within your eyes

“Smoking Gun” – Effectively a house music track. While this song isn’t a cast off track, it does remain as the weakest track on Anxiety.

“Just Give Up” – Ultra smooth synth pop with a strong beat

“Parasites” – On my first listen I was unsure how to take this song, being so out of character from the balance of the album. Slow paced with a light ballad feel,  with the bold lyrics playing a incongruous counterpoint to the tune. With multiple listens it’s gone on to be a favourite on Anxiety.

“Love My Way” – Too light and happy for my taste with its peppy retro styled beat

“Fools” – The dark toned, dramatic instrumentals are a perfect mesh with the gorgeous mellow vocals. A friend has described Clark’s vocals as hugging the listener. That perception has never been truer than on “Fools”.

Make light your doubt
It may tear your heart
From the inside out
Like a burning sun
In the certainty of rain

“The Exit” – The strong dance beat is contrasted by it’s dark toned lyrics

“Fall Behind” – Perhaps the greatest song on the album, as the music ebbs and flows Clark’s vocals smoothly follow with a lyrical trip into a search for release from captivity

“Idle Thoughts” – The lyrical renderings in Idle Thoughts make this track a stand out.

I awake the silent
The erase of everyone
I embrace the coming fall
I’m afraid of all I’ve seen
In the darkest I have been
The eclipse of all I need

“Light” – Lyrically the most straightforward of Anxiety, “Light” is also closely attuned to the Christian fan base of both Clark and Torres.

I believe you’ve met your maker
I believe you’ve heard the voice
Cut through all the noise
I believe in our redemption
When the war inside is through
You will find its not in you

Personally I find Anxiety to be a captivating album. But, while it’s a delightfully distracting release, I question whether Anxiety will prove itself to be accepted with it’s focus being generated by the idiosyncratic creative juices of the composers.



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