Punk for the Gospel Benefit Compilation, Volume 3 review

We’ve all been there. You shuffle into church early on Sunday morning wishing your head was still on your pillow. Feeling caffeine and sleep deprived. Knowing that the only way you’ll be able to stay awake is the discomfort of the hard backed pew and your wife constantly pinching your leg as you begin to nod off.

A miracle happens! Floating down from the heights of the steeple, a band, a real band, descends. They push the flat toned worship leader, the ancient keyboard player, and 12 year old drummer (who practices by banging a garbage can in his basement), from the platform. The band opens with the raw, abrasive, glorious, and deafening sound of punk. The floor shakes, panes of stained glass crash to the floor. The congregation stands in amazement wondering if they should flee or join the ever increasing crowd in front of the band. A circle pit forms, bodies crashing against each other in holy ecstasy as the music envelops them.

You wake to the droning voice of the minister, once again asking the worshipers to follow God’s will, to give sacrificially so the church parking lot can be resurfaced. Your spirit is crushed. It was only a dream! You pray earnestly for deliverance from the tedium of your life and rejuvenation of your faith.

Later that day, randomly browsing the net, you chance upon an album. It’s earth-shaking, it’s outstanding, it’s loud, it’s brash, it’s worshipful. It’s the answer to your prayer! It’s Punk for the Gospel Benefit Compilation, Volume 3

This Thumper Punk Records release features 18 punk, metal and hardcover versions of traditional church hymns, with all proceeds from sales going to support Skate Móvil de Christian Skaters Costa Rica, a mobile skateboarding chapter of Christian Skaters International.

Get it now before your soul is consumed by the evil one.

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