Salt Of The Sound – In Prayer

In Prayer is the new EP from award-winning husband and wife duo Anita & Ben Tatlow (Salt Of The Sound). A 17-minute prayer ‘journey’, the music ebbs and flows, inviting the listener to stillness and reflection through use of expansive atmospheric textures, subtle vocal choruses, and thoughtful lyrical messages.

Receiving outstanding critical success with their previous releases, this Stockholm, Sweden, based duo’s aim is to create songs that encourage spiritual reflection, both in church environments and in times of personal quiet, while also exploring musical styles and expressions that bring a freshness to the Christian music scene.

In Prayer carries the contemplative nature of Salt Of The Sound to new levels. It’s beautifully delicate music and thoughtful lyrics draw the listener into a place of quiet introspection and renewal of spirit.

Favourite tracks:
Your Ways

Find out more about Salt Of The Sound during The Antidote’s visit with the Tatlow’s in 2016.

Interview with Salt of the Sound

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