Shiny Penny – Wait, Don’t Hold review


Pennies have been retired from circulation in Canada and the same fate awaits for this coinage in the the States. Kokomo, Indiana’s four-some Shiny Penny is here to compensate for that as they shine on their upcoming release, Wait, Don’t Hold.

Shiny Penny may be vying to become the most prolific songwriter of the year (shouldn’t there be an award for that?). Wait, Don’t Hold comes out a mere nine months since their previous EP, Open Out. The band’s proven ability to create catchy, sing-along, and memorable music goes to the next level on Wait, Don’t Hold.

For the majority of artists, pop rock and deep lyrics rarely meet, but these aspects mesh on Shiny Penny’s “Insanity”. The first single and lead track from Wait, Don’t Hold, captures a welcomed intensity of emotion and musicianship.

Its like I’m
Driving through the sea
But the wheels are turning
Swimming on the streets
But the waves are coming
Flying with no wings
All the living and the learning
Oh it’s just insanity

“Don’t Believe A Word That I Say” offers a wonderful dichotomy between the snappy tune and vocals in contrast to the topic of recognition of personal faults. Track three on Wait, Don’t Hold, may well be one of the most heart rending and beautiful songs ever. Covering an aspect of love that’s rarely taken to this level,  “More”, looks inside a couples love, but that love is hindered by an unspoken need.

You tell me all your secrets
You pour your heart into my brain
But I’m losing a connection
And feeling emptier with every day
Tell me this is just a moment
I wish I knew that it would go away
‘Cause I don’t wanna see the ending,
I don’t want our love to go to waste

“Ticket” gradually builds from a deep bass and synth intro, gradually transcending into it’s bright pop rock chorus. The final song of Wait, Don’t Hold, “Looking for Soul” showcase Dean Schimmelpfennig vocal abilities.  The song brilliantly leaves the listener hanging for a closure to an unresolved search.

I’ll keep moving on
I’ll find my way
I’ll forget what’s gone
I’ll know my place
Oh I’m all but lost
Just looking for soul
Just looking for soul

Watch the video for Shiny Penny’s lead single “Insanity”.

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