Skyside 6 – #I’mTrying EP review

Skyside 6 - #I'mTrying EP - cover

It’s unusual to find a band who elects to make a radical change from their established style, but that’s the case with Omaha, Nebraska based, Skyside 6. Formerly recording punk/hardcore music, their new EP (virtually a full length) release, #imtrying, carries a primarily acoustic sound which has created a dramatic sonic shift for the band.

On first listen, #imtrying comes across as a surprise, perhaps even an oddity. Two divergent styles are featured, heavy at the beginning, then progressing to acoustic tracks. The heavy tracks are excellent and significant, but it’s Skyside 6’s new acoustic vibe that’s the outstanding feature of #imtrying.

The album starts with a bang. Heavy, dark death metal tones converge on “I Hear The Words”, but the lyrics contrast with the music as they speak of longing.

I hear the words you’re whispering to me,
They’re a melody that gets too hard to sing,
I hear the words. I hear the words, I hear the words.

Our money based lifestyle is tackled on “Consume” before shifting into “Take Me Back”. The track maintains the heavier side of Skyside 6, but with a catchy sing-along chorus as it seeks to be drawn back to the Lord.

So take me back,
To that moment when,
Your grace found me, in need of you
So take me back,
To that place where I,
First fell in love with you!

A blazing guitar introduces the song “Temptation” and it’s realistic look into the appeal of sin. The song may have been strategically placed prior to “Miss Miranda”, as band members voice their displeasure with a bandmate’s girlfriend.

“Story Of Your Old” marks the sonic transition of the album, switching gears into the acoustic phase of the release. The song is masterfully and delicately crafted, built off a pounding drum and a rapidly strummed guitar. It brings to mind a blending music from NEEDTOBREATHE with Of Monsters And Men. The superb track, “Story Of Your Old”, also brings a subtle lyrical style to Skyside 6.

So tell me the story of your old,
The things that you’ve bottled up and thrown,
Into the sea and hoped that, they were never known.
So tell me the story of your old.

So tell me the story of your old,
Your broken and brittle bones,
Of the days that are, now lesser known
So tell me the story of your old!

The singer/acoustic guitar styling add an intimate element to the beautiful love song, “Mi Amor”, which takes us to “Take Me Home”, focusing on commitment to God to our final days.

“Piece By Piece (Remastered)” finishes #imtrying. The lower quality recording places the song out of sync with the other acoustic tracks, but compensates with its melancholy view of love, love both won and lost.

Born in September, was a girl to remember,
there was fire in here eyes. X2
And piece by piece, you capture my heart,
Every word, every smile, leaves it falling apart. X2
Just like that she’s gone with the wind.
A free spirit I wish I could have blown away with.

Captivating, bold, and subdued, this release captures the new vibe of the band. #imtrying has set Skyside 6 apart from their contemporaries with its musical diversity.

Find #imtrying from Skyside 6 on Bandcamp.

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